Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Canvas

One of my favorite Photo 4 Canvas that I did is this one with our two children.  The first one is my favorite but my husband likes the second  photo canvas better.  I love that they come up with photo canvas nowadays because it makes it easier for you to  have your photo printed  and make it an art piece for your home.  So far, our family wall has ten different photo canvasses that I  managed to order since last year.  I think that family photos makes the family journey more  precious.  You can tell  your grand kids  different stories about interesting stuff but without the photos it is less interesting.  When a story is supported by photos, it makes it more livelier, makers it more fun to tell and to listen to.

Onto another  thing, whether you are planning to  use  Snap Car Rentals for your upcoming trip  or get a Viventium Home Loans for your upcoming ho]me improvement projects, make sure to do a thorough research so you can find the very best deal and save money.  Hubby is enticing me with this all-inclusive deal that he find online  for a cruise but  we have agreed early on that we need to save for our big trip next year.  I want to  visit my family , hopefully next year, and in order to do that we have to save for it.  Traveling with four members is very expensive especially on international flights.  I do hope that we can at least save half of the amount of what we need so we can visit my  family next year. 

How about you folks?  Any pl[ans of traveling this year?  Anyone of you  is going to New Zealand?  Boy oh boy, if I would be given a chance to go somewhere this year, I would pick New Zealand in a heartbeat.   Looking at some photos online about the country, it would make you wish you can   explore the  natural beauty out there.  It looks very peaceful and relaxing.  When it comes to  beauty, nature has its best and New Zealand certainly has that!

This year has given us a good start.  I have my citizenship  last month and my son has started going to gymnastic.  Our daughter is doing a great  job with her piano lessons and her teacher  has suggested for her to enter the talent show here in our area.  Hopefully, she will have the courage to do so, with our  encouragement  and support of course, I think  she can do it.  We will  see.

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