Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ms. Burrito asked if I can post this in her blog so here it is.  She made this when she first got her  glue gun.  I am not a crafty person and I am so glad that my daughter got  her Dad's side of the family's creativity.  

She used two bottle caps for the base and covered it with her  craft foam.  For the string, she used her glue.

Materials used  are craft foam, beads, bottle caps, glue stick, glue gun, and Popsicle stick.

She wants to  learn how to play a violin and guitar.  We told her to  concentrate ion piano for now  and then she can shift into the violin lesson later on.  

Hubby's Life Insurance

Having your own business has its pros and cons just like everything else. Even if your business is not that big, you have to make sure that you get a Small Business Insurance to make sure that your business assets and other things are protected and insured in case unfortunate event happen. Platinum Life Insurance should also be considered to ensure  that your family will have  something just in case unthinkable  occur in your life so suddenly.

I remember when my husband have newly retired from the service, he was no longer covered by  the military life insurance so he purchased one.  He said that this would  send the kids to college if he  won't be around anymore.  As scary as it is to think about it, it is a wise thing to do.

Now liability insurance in New Zealand could save you a lot of money in the event that the property you are leasing for your business  has been flooded or caught on fire.  Different businesses has different needs so make sure to explore your options so you are getting the right policy for your business.  Remember that insurance  is very important  because you never know what the future holds or bring.  

Slimy Fun Night #SlimeaStressReliever

I think I am too much of a kill joy why I don't really see the fascination of slime lol.  The thing is, kids are so crazed about it an...