Friday, June 21, 2013

Imitating a Baby Bird

We found this baby bird laying on the street when we went for a walk at my FIL's neighborhood.  Afraid that the bird will get run over by a car, I picked it up and put him in the nearby yard.

That night, the kids remember the bird and this  is how they imitate a hungry bird.   Hahaha, I was literally  LOL when they  did those faces.

Yoga Mats

I never really tried yoga till lately and I got my daughter addicted to it as well.  It's one of our relaxing Mom and Daughter bonding at home.  We each have our own yoga mat which really  motivates my daughter to join me.  I found an online site that  sells the best jade yoga mat and other yoga  products.    I will browse through their selection to see if they have  a yoga DVD as I still can't fined one.  I only  watch  youtube videos in doing yoga.

Best Dad and Husband Ever!

To the best Dad and husband in the world, happy Father's Day!  May  God continue to bless you with good health  so we could continue to  witness  our children's growth!  Thank you for being  so loving and  understanding all the time.

We love you very much!


The school where my kids goes to requires them to  buy an earphone for their computer class.  We bought each of them  a set  last year and I think  we might need to buy them  new ones for the upcoming school year as the ones we bought  are  getting old.  I was looking at the good selection of good sennheiser headphones at guitar center and I kind of have a  good idea what to get for them next time.  Being in the private school is a bit expensive because you have to buy everything.  Speaking of that, I still have  over a month to save for their tuition fees.

Watering Can Water Globe for a Special Teacher

My daughter wanted to give her  2nd grade teacher something before the  classes was over so we went to the Mall and stopped by at Things Remembered and she really love the  watering can water globe.  She said that  Mrs. Plesa loves to garden to she would love this one.  We have it personalized with  the message below.
Price was originally $50 but was on sale for $39.99 but with personalization, it cost $62.99

When she came home from school, she  told me that  her teacher loved it.  She said that her teacher   teared up and  gave her a tight hug!  The teacher  also sent us a thank you note with a long hearty message saying how grateful she was  to have a very thoughtful student.

Voice Lesson

I love the setting at the church  where the music recital was held.  The piano was   placed  at the center of the church where everyone can see.  The church where we go has  many stands  when the  church choirs performs at masses.  
I am thinking of  enrolling my daughter to  a voice lesson as well since her piano teacher also teaches voice lessons.  She wants to do it but she is not very enthusiastic   because she said that she isn't a good singer.  I told her that voice lesson will improve her singing  ability.  So we will see.

A Call to Serve

When I was growing up, we only go to church once a year because we lived in a remote area and we only celebrate mass during our patron sa...