Friday, April 5, 2013

Love at its Best!

We had a nice day last Saturday so we went to Steubenville.  We dropped by at  Dairy Queen and had some food to eat.  We proceeded to  Steuben Fort Mall and bought Ms. Burrito a pair of shoes and two dresses.  She said that she would like to have blue dress and not pink so tried on four different kinds of blue dress.
Mr. Burrito said that the last one that her Ate tried on looks beautiful on her and we all agreed.  She gave her brother a kiss for helping her decide which one to pick.  Can you tell  that my  son has a sweet tooth, sucking on a lollipop while shopping..
Sibling love at its best.
The line on the photo booth for the Easter Bunny was very long .
When we came home, we went to the field and  we played tennis.  
Photos were taken using  a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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