Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crocheted Poncho & a Lumber Jax

When Ms. Burrito was about two years old, one of my father-in-law's neighbor liked her very much that she  crocheted a poncho and gave it to her.  She never got to use till this year.  We still say hi to the Lady whenever we visit  Dad in Marland Heights.  She is a very kind lady.
A big thank you to the Howells family for making Mr. Burrito  a delightful weekend.  They gave him a late birthday present.  Thank you very much guys, you are such angels and we are so grateful that  we are one one of your neighbors.
Both of the Burritos are having fun creating their log houses.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

Did you watch what Punxsutawney Phil during the Ground Hog Day?  According to the move he made during that day, we will have an early Spring.  I can't wait till Winter is over, oh gosh, this  cold weather is wearing me down.  Even though we still have a long way till summer, we are already planning what we  would do for fun.  

Our kids are very excited because we are planning to visit a family friend this summer.  It would be very hot out there so we will definitely make sure that we have a Broad spectrum sunscreen with us.  We actually received  the  product that was given to us for free  in exchange of our honest opinion so that was a really good deal for us.  It's very important to have sunscreen lotion during summertime in order to protect our skin from the harsh sun exposure.  

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has different kinds of products such as sunscreen, natural face sticks, pump dispenser and more.  So before you go to your travel destination, make sure to buy some products that would  protect you and your family's skin while enjoying the outdoors.  To find out more details about their  products, check them out through the link above. 

"Take Your Children to Work" Day

My husband works at Industrial Scientific, the leading provider of gas detection service and portable gas detectors.  I love that they are ...