Sunday, April 1, 2012

Personalized Invitations

My husband and I were talking about  my daughter's   upcoming birthday this year.  He suggested that we should   rent a picnic shed  at Starvaggi park so we can just  have the party there.  The thing is that, I am not really into  hosting a party  this year.    I understand that it is just once a year  for our kids but the thought of   it  always stresses me out.    I'd rather  go visit a place where our family can enjoy for   a  day, like a day in  a lake or somewhere  that we have never been too.    I talked to my daughter today and she   said that she's okay  with going to Lake Eerie or  somewhere near here.  Hubby  is very big in giving the kids even a small party which is fine with me as long as it is at home.  I am more comfortable in entertaining  guests  at home.  But since  hubby  is always up to something,  let us wait and see.  
Anyhow, if you are turning 15 or  sweet 16 and you are planning to make the celebration extra special, you should check out Quinceanera.  It is a one-stop-shop where you can  order personalized Quinceanera Invitations, thank you cards, party favors, Birthday wrapping paper, and keepsakes.  They use high quality cardstock to print your  products to make sure that you would have the most memorable celebration ever.  Over here in the States,  when the teenager turns sixteen, it is a big milestone.  Back from my country, it is a big thing when you turn 18, well, at least for rich  people anyway..  I have seen  shows that shows a glamorous way of celebrating  their 16th birthday.  So if you want to make that happen in your birthday, the above mentioned country can help you in  the preparation.  Please check them out through the links above.