Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hearing the Mass

Hello everyone.

I like my school because I learn a lot of things. We have a religion class once a week. We also hear and celebrate mass every Thursday. Sometimes, when it's a special occasion and my Dad is not in school, my whole family attends mass too aside from Sundays.
These photo were taken by my Mom during the St. Patrick's Day celebration.
That's my classmates, me, and my teacher. I am glad that my family came to celebrate mass with us.
After the mass, we returned to our classes then my family waited for me to finish my classes then we went to our dentist. For some reason, even if my brother and I regularly brushes our teeth, we still gets cavities.
After the dentist, my Mom and Dad treated us for a special dinner at a Mexican Restaurant.

I thank you all for visiting my little blog all the time. I get excited when there is an added follower of this blog.

Yours truly,

Ms. Burrito

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