Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three Ways Glee Changed the World

Ryan Murphy already had a handful of hit television shows under his belt when he pitched the idea of Glee to FOX. The show featured a number of unknown actors who became overnight sensations. Glee followed a group of teenagers as they joined the high school glee club and became friends while dealing with issues that many teens deal with every day. Though it is no longer on the air, you can still watch your favorite episodes on DVD or on streaming sites like Netflix. You might find yourself surprised at how much the show touched the lives of fans and changed the world.

Bringing Attention to Issues

Glee did an amazing job of bringing attention to issues that teens deal with in the real world, including bullying, sexuality and even illness. It was one of the first shows that had a teen gay character who was open about his sexuality. Fans saw the struggles that Kurt had in school and the way others acted towards him. Glee even dealt with the ramifications of suicide attempts and showed that kids with medical conditions could still be popular.

Awareness of the Arts

The show premiered at a time when many schools found themselves shutting down music, theater and other arts programs due to a lack of funding. It got kids interested in signing, acting and dancing, which led to more funding and helped schools get the money they needed for those programs. The show also did a great of getting other people interested in playing music and signing too. You will now find street pianos in New York and in other parts of the country. These pianos encourage those walking by to sit down, play a tune or sing a song any hour of the day.
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Downloading Music

Websites that let you download music existed long before Glee, but some credit the popularity of the show with the sudden increase in those sites. While the show released a number of albums that included top songs from various episodes, downloading was the only way fans could listen to the songs not featured on those albums. Songs like Umbrella remixed with Singing in the Rain became chart topping songs, even though those tunes weren't available on standard albums. The next time you find yourself binge watching a season or two of Glee, take time to think about how the show changed the world for the better.

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