Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 Ways Personalized Products Help You Brand Your Business

Any time your customer walks away from your business with a personalized item in their hand, it's a branding win for your company. That promotional piece can be just about anything including a shopping bag, flyer or pen. If you run a food establishment like an ice cream shop, for example, purchasing personalized ice cream cups from Gelato Products  makes sense, and here are three reasons why this is true.

Dress Up Items You're Already Giving Away

Shopping bags, napkins and ice cream cups may already be items you give to your customers at some point during their experience with you, so why not dress those items up with your logo or company information? Allowing these products to double as branding tools turns them into a return on your investment instead of just an expense. Placing your business logo on practical materials enhances your overall brand and gives you the opportunity to have a little fun with otherwise plain goods.

It's a Reminder

When your customer walks away with a pen, ice cream cup or napkin that has your company logo printed on it, the merchandise serves as a reminder and branding mechanism. Next time your client needs a pen, they'll probably use yours, and because they see your business information, they'll remember that it exists. If your customer gets a sudden craving for ice cream, don't be surprised if they return to your establishment thanks to your effective branding as well as the tasty dessert.

It's Another Form of Publicity

After your customer walks away from your business with any one of your branding pieces, that customer will not be the only individual that sees the promotional item. Depending on where you are located and where your client goes next, chances are great that at least one more person will see your logo. Eventually, when an individual has seen the same logo over and over, their curiosity will be piqued. They can end up walking through your business doors because they now know you exist and are situated nearby.

Personalizing items you already give to your customers is great opportunity to increase your branding and reach. Instead of handing out plain napkins, pens or ice cream cups, placing your logo on them makes your company's information more accessible and acts as a subtle suggestion for those who see the information.

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