Monday, October 28, 2013

Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed tape is just one more product you can use for company branding purposes. When it comes to brand recognition among your customers, the more ways you can get your company logo in front of them, the more likely it is that they'll easily recall you later.

Tape serves many different purposes, and in the commercial industry adhesive or other types of packaging tape is most often used for sealing packages. Packaging tape is a key component in any sealed box that you send to your customers, but chances are you've never given much thought to the type of tape that you use, so long as it holds. Well, why not give some thought to adding your company name and logo to the packaging tape that you use? Since the tape goes wherever the package goes, it will be an efficient and continual representation of your company. This is why packaging tape is such a great choice when it comes to choosing items and methods of branding your company and promoting yourself. And an order of custom printed packing tape from is an ideal choice.

If you decide that custom printed packaging tape is a good choice for your company, here are some considerations:

Will clear-colored tape suffice? While it is possible to change the background color of tape, this can affect the materials and the strength of the adhesion. Also, choosing a custom color for the entirety of your tape may greatly increase its cost.

Try to design a small version of your logo that easily repeats. If possible, angle it so that it presents at a 45-degree angle on a strip of tape. Research has shown that this type of logo design is noticed most often.

Will you use custom printed tape for all packages and taping needs, or just packages that are being delivered to customers?

While custom printed packaging tape may seem like an indulgence or a bit over the top for branding, the truth is, your customers will take notice to tape that is out of the ordinary. Having your logo or at least your company name on the packaging tape you use is just one more way you can brand and market yourself. 


  1. Having a custom tape is very ideal for companies or business owners if they want to personalize their packaging.

  2. I totally agreed with Ria that custom tapes is ideal for companies. I have used protection tapes to defend my furniture against scratches, ageing and other damages. I had great experience with it yet.


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