Monday, February 19, 2018

Slimy Fun Night #SlimeaStressReliever

I think I am too much of a kill joy why I don't really see the fascination of slime lol.  The thing is, kids are so crazed about it and  my kids told me that it is a great form  of a stress reliever and I'm like, "What could they possibly be stressing about?"  They both told me, too much homework stresses them out lol.  I said, wait till you become an adult and  that's the least thing you will have to worry about.  Sometimes I forget that  my two young ones are just kids, that they need to  have fun and enjoy  their  youth.  So for the sake of having fun, we did a "slimy fun night".
Zimpli Kids sent me a pack of their  slime baff  where you can turn your bath water into a Gooey slime.  Since my kids are almost teens  and not to mention  their bath tub's drain doesn't drain  that great, we decided to just  mix the  slime baff into a bowl and let their fingers  do the trick.
The kids love the smell of this slime, it's  is so different from the slimes they have tried before.  They keep saying that if slime is edible, they would eat it because it does smells so good.
This slime baff  would be a  perfect one to have for  St. Patrick Day, the color is perfect for the occasion.  I love the fact that it is non-irritant and stain-free.  This slime is made in UK.  It is made from sodium  acrylate copolymer with strawberry scent.  
Since we mix it into a bowl only, the slime is so thick and  they really had fun picking it up and down.  This slime mix only needs  warm  water  and the fun continues!
They forced me to  really try it and join the fun.  I didn't want to be called a party pooper so I tried it too and they were right, it was  fun!  The only thing that I didn't like about this  is that, it is so sticky that it was really hard to clean up from your skin.
The way it feels on my skin reminded me of  the snails on the rice field that we used to  picked out and removed  from the rice plants.  I am glad that  I tried it because it brought back  some good memories I had with my parents when we were still living in a farm.  I was part of the cleaning crew that  removes the snail invasion from our crop.
The kids spent a couple of hours playing with it and after they got done, they did not want to throw it out so they keep it in a container with lid and save it.  My son sticks his fingers in there every time they  come home from school.  He said it  relieves his stress, lol.
Zimpli Kids also sent us a pack of Snoball BattlePack.  They  did one pack of it today and   thought they like it better than the slime but they like the slime's  smell better.  Zimpli Kids have Emoji product range coming soon, those looks fun too.They not only  offer  playtime range of slimes but they also have educational range which is super cool.  
Below is the video that I recorded while they are having fun with it.  
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Friday, January 12, 2018

ELEVEN .. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

My son was born on Martin Luther King's day so every time he celebrate his birthday, it is right around that week. This year, he is very happy because even though his birthday falls on Monday, they are off that day and they also got another day off today due to storm. He was excited when he woke up and I told him that school is cancelled. He exclaimed "Yes for a 4-day weekend!" Anyway, as he celebrate his 11th birthday, I wrote something about him to represent his ELEVEN years of existence.

E - Eldon.. I was going to name you after my Dad  but we  decided  that Eldon is perfect.  Everywhere you go, the  crowd seems to gravitate with you  because you have that very friendly personality.  EJ, as you grow up, remember that Mom and Dad would always be the rocks you can lean on, no matter what the situation is.  We love you  and your sister to the moon and back.
L - LOVING... I wrote that in all caps because you are such a loving  person.  You always  make sure to tell us how much you love us and we love you very much for that.  Although you are no longer little, in my eyes, you are still my little boy.  I think, you will always be my little boy who  always bring light and laugh to our lives.  Your  quirky sense of humor is very contagious!
E - Excellent story teller.  I always find joy in listening to you  when you are telling us stories.  Your animation is very  enjoyable.  You might exaggerate things sometimes but I still enjoy it.   Please continue to be you, we love you for who you are!
V - Vivacious.  As I have mentioned above, your bubbly personality  always  bring joy to anyone around you.  Your vibrant personality is what makes you  unique and genuine.  Don't stop being a vessel in bringing a smile to anyone's face.  
E - Exceptional is what you are.  I am biased in saying that because I am your Mom but other people see it too and because I am your Mom, what I think counts the most, right?  You will always be my  extra-special little buddy.  Thank you for being such a wonderful son to us and brother to your sister.
N - Nice is usually what  your  peers would describe you.  I always  find  joy in reading notes that your friends wrote you.  It makes me proud  to be your Mom.
Three more days Anak and you will be fully eleven.  Remember, try not to grow up too fast, okay?  Please don't rush to be a teen because you will have seven years to  enjoy it but you only have one year to be 11.  
Happy ELEVENth birthday Sweetheart!  May God always  protect you from harm and guide you in achieving your  aspirations in life.

Slimy Fun Night #SlimeaStressReliever

I think I am too much of a kill joy why I don't really see the fascination of slime lol.  The thing is, kids are so crazed about it an...