Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fun Time at the Beach in Jamestown, Virginia

Going to the beach is such an exciting  thing to do for my kids.  We live  very far from the beach so once we get the chance, we make the most of it.  This beach trip  was not in our plan but thanks to a good friend  for telling us different things we can do in Virginia, we got to enjoy  amazing things!
I know that they were so excited to go to the water park but nothing is compared to the beach.  They told us that this was  better than the  water park.  I can tell also because they did not want to go back to the hotel.  I just wish that we  would have went there earlier so they could have enjoyed it longer.  
These two are like peas in a pod.  One moment they   bicker with each other and most of the times they are best friends.  I guess it is normal for siblings.  It reminds me of the times when I was growing up.  MY older brother  was very strict and always  scolding me and giving me sermon about things but  at the end of the day. he was  biggest supporter, a hero and a confidante.  
They are only 18 months apart in age so they are almost like twins!  I am glad that they are the way they are for each other.  
I love watching them when in the water because they take care of each other.  They look out for each other so I am always confident when they are  with each other in the water.  
The fun is not complete without my husband in there.  He is the biggest kid among the three hehehe.  
I always thank God for introducing me to a wonderful man, the father of  my children and the love of my life.  I love how engage he is when it comes to our children.  He will do anything for them.  
One thing about my husband that  not a lot of people know is that, he is the most caring person I know.  Some  call him names but I really don't care because what is important is how he is to us, and that's the only thing that matters.
This is  far better experience  that we have, it was better than the  one we had in Ocean City.  Jamestown beach is a lot cleaner and a lot family friendly because it wasn't too crowded.  Perfect to take your kids, even pets did have fun swimming on that beach.  I would love to take our pets on this beach!  I wish that we can go back there again someday.  


  1. It looked like you and your family had a blast at the beach Sis Rose. We missed going to the beach this year as our working schedules does not match with our off. I hope that we can take the kids to the beach next year. Virginia is one of my bucket list to visit. I adore how active your husband to your kids. My hubby is the same.

  2. Family time at the beach is really fun, truly missing this lately.

  3. Your kids remind me of my two girls. They are only 14 months apart so they get on each other's nerves but still remain really close. :) So great that you were able to go to the beach. We haven't been to the beach in 2 years!

  4. It's nice to see you family getaway sis. I always love that everyone's having so much fun even if you're behind the camera taking snaps of the moments. I'm pretty sure you're also enjoying capturing those precious smiles, forever in memories :)

  5. Your family esp the kids had so much fun, like you I always wished to visit Virginia not because of the Beach but not that I know, we'll put that in the destinations.

  6. I miss your blog sis. It's been a while since I commented on your lovely posts. And that beach trip was so full of fun. I wish water in beaches here is warm enough to swim or even just play around. Bless your happy family Rose.

  7. You and your family did have a great time. It is so nice to read about husbands and fathers who are so loving and responsible. You are blessed to have him in your life.

  8. I think all kids enjoy swimming and it's one of their favorite activities. My kids and nieces are like that too.


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