Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dallas Cowboys.

It's been 4 years since  my daughter and husband meet  the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders who went to the Navy base in Korea.   My daughter was very happy that she got to see the gorgeous cheerleaders.  We were flipping our albums  that we compiled during our  2 years of stay in Korea and it made us all nostalgic.  We had such great memories  living there  Below are some of the pictures of our daughter with Brooke Sorenson and Brittany Evans.  
I just wish that the  store inside  the base  have Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes, it could have been more fun for Ms. Burrito to dress up.  I found some really cute Dallas Cowboy clothes for kids online at Baby Fans website.  They have different kinds for newborn and for  toddlers.  Look at the leg warmer of this  beautiful baby, isn't she so cute with the football leg warmer on?  So for those of you who are an avid fan of Dallas Cowboys, check out the website through the link I have provided above.  They have a huge selection of it.  (Photos below are not mine).
Dallas Cowboys Infant & Toddler Blue Dress
It's fun to have small kids at home.  You can dress them up and they will never complain no matter what lol.  I miss those days!

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