Sunday, April 14, 2013

Natural Curly Hair...

Ms. Burrito wanted me to curl her hair with the flat iron but I was afraid that it would damage it so I told her that I would just braid it.  I braided it  after she took  a sower and she  slept with  it, when she woke up we opened up the braid and this is what we have, a naturally curled hair without using anything.
She reminds me  of me when I was young, I always wanted a curly hair because mine is straight.
Oh do you see the gap in her teeth?  She lost another one  last week.

Top Notch Dedication to Carpet Cleaning

We went  to my father-in-law's house  this morning and invited him to go with us in the park.  He just got done   cleaning his  carpet and did not hesitate to go with us.  He said that he needed fresh air and some exercise so he gladly went with us.  My FIL is almost 91 years old and I  totally admire his physical and mental ability, he is doing  very well considering his age.  I wish that I could still function like him, if God will give me that  kind of life that Dad has.  I asked him once what  is secret for having  a very healthy life, he  told me "I don't go to the doctor".  I laughed when he said that and I told him, maybe I will live long too as I don't like going to the doctor hehehe.  I just think that  at my FIL's age, he should  not be doing hard work as he might fall and break a hip or something.  

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A Call to Serve

When I was growing up, we only go to church once a year because we lived in a remote area and we only celebrate mass during our patron sa...