Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Our weather here is getting colder each day.  It's been two days now where  school has two-hour delay.  My Burritos love it when there's two hour delay as they can sleep in in the morning.  I don't like it because that means that we have to walk in a freezing   weather lol.  Gladly, our  kindest  neighbor offered us a ride tomorrow, thank you Lolo!
Puzzles is one  favorite past time   in our home during winter times.  I think we have a dozen of puzzles here at home.  As you can see at the photo above,  the Burritos were  doing the  Hello Kitty puzzle that Ms. Burrito got for Christmas from her cousin, Jen.
Aren't they cute and charming?  Lol, taking about being biased but can you blame me?  I am their Mom, what can I say?
Mr. Burrito is still coughing but he wants to go to school tomorrow so let's see.  Hopefully, he'll be okay as I have a lunch duty in school tomorrow.

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