Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shape to Perfection.

Before I left the Philippines, I have this one bra that I bought  and has been using  for almost   three years before I came here.  I paid  like  one thousand  pesos for it  which is a bit expensive back then  but I love it because it is   high quality and it is made so well  that, believe it or not, I am still using i after  more than ten years already.  It is however showing  the tear and wear so I am looking for the
Silkee Short - The Ultimate Shaping Minimizer
Best Bra to replace it.  I have other bras that I bought here but nothing compared to the one that I really love.

I was browsing at the different selection of Best Body shaper, Seamless shape wear, Bra and Cami with cleavage cover,   Best back smoothing bra and cami, and many other   bra at Shapeez and I  am impressed.  Above all that I have mentioned, I would love to get one of their Tankee Slip which has full support underwire bra, it has  firm control that instantly flattens the tummy which is my biggest problem when trying to put on a dress.  I wish that they would let me review their product hehehe.

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