Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Personalized Gifts

When a family member or close friend has a baby, little says care and comfort like personalized baby gifts.    Anyone can buy an infant jumper, but only a confidante would easily consider that extra step to focus attention on both the baby as well as the mother. Personalize gifts for the baby do exactly that. They extend beyond the cute or the handy or the tricky. They bring home that the little one wrapped in the blanket isn't just “a new member of the family” but “a human being.” That doesn't mean that fun is always kicked to the side. A colorful caterpillar can grace a lunchbox for Johnny or Tabitha. With the named owner, there's no doubt to whom that lunchbox belongs! 
A personalized baby book that separates one child's from another marks daily growth and progress or important milestones in Angela's life. Books of children's fiction with personalization match well with art in place mats, cards, art, announcements and gift cards. Remember Mother Goose? Sylvia Long's perennial children's favorite graces its own series of gifts, cards and other items that can be personalized just for your baby. Bring this generational figure into your baby's life with personalized gifts found at Chronicle Books.

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  1. Those are cute personalized items! I love EJ Saves The Planet book.


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