Monday, January 14, 2013

Golf Clubs

My kids had a golf set  play set at home and our  kind neighbor is  teaching them  some  golf stuff as he is a  very good golfer.  Him and his wife  are golf players in the area.  He actually gave my kids some golf balls that are colorful (pink and yellow).  I remember last summer, they had a garage sale and they  sold a lot of their  golf clubs. They have different kinds so I am not sure if they have a  cleveland golfs classic driver or not.  Our neighbor is the very first people that I met  who love playing golf so much.  

Do you love golf as well?  My husband   tried  it a couple of times but  he  din't like it.  Golf is not  for him, he said.  But I think that  judging from golf games I've seen on TV, it's a pretty  entertaining  sport.  Anyhow, Cleveland Golf website has so many selection of  golf  club and accessories.  Right now, they have a free shipping offer for orders  above  a hundred dollars so if you need   some golf accessories, now is the right time to buy them.  You can check out their selection by visiting the useful link I have provided above.

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