Sunday, February 12, 2012

Organize your Family Life with Clipix

I just  received  a welcome email from clipix today after I quarantined my email address  from the hacker, phew!    It's a scary feeling when your email get hacked, I felt like I was  fighting with a murderer inside my house while I was changing all my log in info this morning.  What messed up was, I have saved some important  stuff  in the  folders I created and they  were deleted.  My email serves as my  online organizer but now I can't rely on it anymore.  Hackers are wicked and   the worst nightmare.

kid's clothing
On  the brighter side, I have the clipix that  could help me  organize my  stuff online.  Yesterday, I added some vacation ideas to my clipix board and tonight, I added some gift ideas for family this Valentine's day.  Using this application is  very easy.  What I like about it is  that, you can save all your changes in your clipboard every time and you won't lose  it.  You can share it to your friends and families in facebook or via twitter and  it's very convenient especially that they offer  the Clipix application for iPhone.  There are  so many ways   to use  clipix, it's basically a one-stop shop  that you can use to organize your family's life online.  

So  check it out and try it yourself.  I am sure that  you will like this application especially if you are  a forgetful person like me.  You can  check out the video below  on ways you could use clipix application.


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