Friday, December 14, 2012

Wildlife Home Decor

My sister-in-law framed a photo of two baby tigers  and agve it to my daughter.  She has it in her bedroom wall  as a focal point of her bedroom look.    My kids are  animal lovers  so  they love this kind of stuff  in their bedroom.  I think they got that from their Dad as my husband has  a couple of dog   statues hat he painted himself when he was a kid.  My Father-in-law gave to  the kids when we moved back here.  I personally like  the  wildlife home d├ęcor selection at Horse and Wildlife Gifts website.

They have this 7 Prancing Horse Vase that I really love but the price is not within my budget range.   They have a huge selection of wildlife home decor that you can choose from if you are looking for a perfect gift for  your love ones who  loves animals.  Speaking of gifts, are you guys done shopping for it?  I am done with  my shopping   for Christmas, I am just waiting for the   gift that I bought for my husband.  It will be heavy so I don't know if I could carry it alone inside.  If I can't then hubby will know what it is before Christmas hehehe.

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