Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Designer Kids Clothing

I recently  redeemed the rewards that I have  from a couple of website where I am a very active member.  The said website gives you point by participating to their surveys and  viewing their email alerts.  It's a  nice way to  earn  a little  extra to buy my kids some designer kids clothing.  Having said that, we did a trip to the store last week and bought  my two Burritos  two pairs of high end shoes for them to use in school.

Ms. Burrito is very happy with her two new boots and so does Mr. Burrito that he learned how to tie his own shoes, excellent!   Raising  kids is a continuous learning process for parents and continuous expense as well.  As a parent, you have to have that ability to balance everything.  During my son's  5th birthday, somebody gave him  a high quality  winter coat just like this one that I saw at    Appaman coats and clothing.  He's been using it since the weather  went  cold.  

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