Saturday, March 24, 2012

Concentrated Planting Mix

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EnG Product Shot.pngWe had a very nice weather today.  My son and I  went straight at our backyard  after  we walked my daughter to school this morning.  I pulled out the weeds that was growing in the flower beds to get ready for gardening this summer.  I noticed one problem  now that our bunny can freely run around the yard, he has been nibbling all my  plants that starting to grow, sigh.  I am glad, I was able to clean up all the  flower beds though.  I also transplanted some of my  lilies  on a different location.  

Hubby and I are planning to buy some rocks and  dress up our front yard a little bit.  We also plan to buy some  bushes to plant in the  front so  that during winter times, our front yard won't look bare.  I would  really love to try the  Expand ‘n Gro™ concentrated planting mix.  I read a review of one of the gardeners online that this is  different  compared to the  basic potting and garden soil.  Aside from the Miracle Gro plant food, it is also  combined with the coconut coir fabric.  This concentrated planting mix can feed your plant for up to 6 months.  Please check it out and  if you comment on my  post, you might receive a sample  that you can use for your gardening.


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  1. Wow Rose! I am sure you are excited to revive your garden this year :) Me too, I am getting busy in getting my hands dirty in the our garden :D


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