Monday, September 26, 2011

Glittery Rocks - Color Connection # 16

Ms. Burrito picked some white rocks at the gravel pile that the construction team were using at our porch renovation. She painted them with glitters.

Dependable Real Estate

When it comes to finding your dream home, nothing can beat the fact of having a Realtor  that you can depend on.  I remember when we were on the market looking for a house to buy, our real estate agent was very  good.  She worked well with us  from the very beginning till we find the right one that we liked.  That is why when one of the  parents in my daughter's class was asking about a real estate  agent that could help them  in finding a house to buy, my husband recommended the one that we had.

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Life at it's Best

My father-in-law has celebrated his 89th birthday a week ago.
Dad live a pretty good life. He survived the WW2, been to some countries in Asia such as Japan and Philippines. The interesting thing to note despite of those travels is that, he never flew on a plane.
At his age, he still drives and do stuff although we are worried because his one eye can't see anymore.
My SIL Chris made a beautiful cake for Dad!
One more year and Dad will be 90, I pray that God will still bless him with more years of healthy life.

"Life ends when you stop dreaming. Hope is lost when you stop believing. And love fails when you stop caring. So Dream, Believe , and Care... Life is beautiful."

Camp Magis: My First Experience of Being Away

Hello this is Rylie, it's been  a while since I wrote something on my blog.  Thanks Mom for letting me. I am so glad we are off today...