Friday, September 23, 2011

Safe and Bully Free

When my daughter was  in Kindergarten,  she got invited to a play date by one of her classmates.  That was the very first time that we entrusted someone with our daughter.  I was worried but I know that they are a very good family.  In fact the Mom of my daughter's classmates is one of those who made me feel comfortable  when we first had a gathering in school.  Last Monday, she called me up and asked if  our daughter could have a play date again with her daughter today.   I can tell that  both of the girls had so much fun, I can just see it in their eyes when we fetched our daughter.

What I like about  the school where my daughter goes to,  is the fact that they  teaches the core value of Christian life.  They  host activities  such as fire drill prevention, bullying prevention, and other preventive measures that  every child should know. I am glad that the school is safe and bully free.

On the other not, I like this online store that  sells products  with bullying prevention  in them.   think that it is very important to educate students on how to prevent  bullying.  It is never fun to be a victim of bully kids.  

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